Will My Phone Work When I Travel to Israel

 In Israeli SIM card

There can be many reasons for traveling to Israel. It is a country with enormous natural beauty, one of a kind culture, surprising history, and amazing people. The cities in Israel are known worldwide for their events, nightlife, and more. It also has the lowest point on earth around the Dead Sea. But if you are planning to visit Israel soon, your biggest concern might be your phone. You might be wondering if it will work in Israel or not. After all, it is something that can keep you connected to your home.

Most probably, your phone will work in Israel. However, there are some technical requirements that your device must meet in order to be compatible with an Israel SIM card.

Requirements for your phone

Your phone has to be a GSM phone with the frequencies of GSM 900 MHz & 1800 MHz, UMTS 850 MHz& 2100 MHz, or 4G LTE. Almost all of the new smartphones have quad bands thus they can perfectly work in Israel.

Your phone must be unlocked

  • The next crucial thing is your phone must be unlocked. It means that your phone shouldn’t be programmed to work just for your original carrier’s network. Most of the devices are unlockable as soon as they are paid off. You can also contact your carrier and ask them to unlock your device for a short period.
  • Unlocking a device is the process of disabling software that is preventing the activation of the device for another carrier network, even when the other network is technically compatible.
  • If you want to test whether your phone is unlocked, try inserting different SIM cards into it. When it is registered for other networks it means your phone is successfully unlocked.
  • But if your phone is still locked, you will see an error message or a message asking you to enter a subsidy code when you turn on the phone.

Your phone must be SIM-free

  • Last but not the least, if your phone has a dual SIM slot, use the Israel SIM card for slot 1. The SIM card will search for the mobile network and log in automatically.
  • Insert the SIM card after landing in Israel and make sure that your phone is turned off while you are inserting the SIM.
  • If your phone does not have a network, turn off the phone and remove the SIM card. Insert the SIM again and turn on the phone.

How can I get the Israel SIM card?

Whether you are a tourist or a student, you can easily get an Israel SIM card online at an affordable cost. These SIM cards are powered by the most reliable network Cellcom. This SIM allows you to get the ultimate streaming experience with high-speed 4D data everywhere in Israel. You can also access all of the contacts on your phonebook and applications while staying in Israel.

So are you ready to purchase an Israel SIM card? Place your order online right away and grab it at the best price. If you have any more doubts or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts.

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