Tips for Saving Money with a Cellcom Israel SIM Card

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Getting a Cellcom Israel SIM card is a terrific way to stay in touch with friends and family while travelling to or already in Israel. It also helps you save money. Here are some suggestions for how to maximise the savings on your Cellcom Israel SIM card:

Choose the Proper Strategy

Several plans are available from Cellcom Israel to suit a range of requirements and price points. It’s crucial to pick a plan that matches your consumption patterns. For instance, you should choose a plan with more data and less talk time if you primarily use data. A monthly plan rather than a weekly one would be preferable if you intend to stay for an extended period of time.

Benefit from Promotions

Cellcom Israel frequently runs specials where consumers can receive savings on their plans, extra data, or minutes. Take advantage of these promotions as they become available by keeping an eye on them. Usually, you may locate them on the Cellcom Israel website or on social media.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Spend less money by using Wi-Fi instead of your data plan. Use the free Wi-Fi that is typically available in Israel’s hotels, cafes, and restaurants whenever you can. To avoid needing data while out and about, think about downloading maps and other information before leaving your accommodation.

Observe Your Use

To prevent unforeseen expenses, it is crucial to monitor your usage. You can check your consumption by dialling the respective code or using the Cellcom Israel app. See your data, talk time, and text message usage and modify it as necessary.

Disable Data Roaming

Turning off data roaming while not in use is essential because it might be pricey. Data roaming can be disabled in your phone’s settings or by getting in touch with Cellcom Israel’s customer support.

Use Apps to Place Calls

Making calls through apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype might help you save a lot of money. These apps utilise data, which is typically less expensive than speak time. But, before making calls with these apps, make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Don’t Make International Calls

Avoid making international calls whenever you can because they can be expensive. Instead, make international calls using programmes or services like Skype or Viber. Check the rates with Cellcom Israel first if you need to make an overseas call because they can be less expensive than your home carrier.

Increase Credit Online

You can top off your credit with Cellcom Israel online, which is typically less expensive than doing so in a local store. Using the Cellcom Israel website or app, as well as through third-party websites like, you can add more credit to your account.

Using a Cellcom Israel SIM card is a great method to stay connected while saving money, to sum up. You may get the most out of your Cellcom Israel SIM card and prevent unforeseen fees by paying attention to these suggestions.

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