Can I use My Phone in Israel with an Israel SIM Card on My Foreign Trip?

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Are you planning your next vacation in Israel or going on a business trip to the country? Proper planning and preparation are the keys to a successful trip to a foreign country and Israel is no exception. Creating a travel checklist can save you from unwanted situations or any inconvenience abroad. From packing all your belongings to keeping close your passport, the list of items in your travel checklist is endless for a safe and convenient stay away from your home country.

There is a lot to prepare when you are traveling aboard and managing your communication and internet connectivity needs is one among them. One can easily get an Israel data SIM card or regular SIM card for internet or calling as per their specific requirements and travel goals. But they all fear if they can use their phone in Israel with an Israel SIM card. Read on to learn about your phone compatibility with Israel networks and Sim cards.

Yes, it is likely that your phone will function in Israel. But these are the precise technical specifications that your phone needs to meet in order to work with Israel sim cards:

  • Your phone must be a GSM device with the GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, UMTS 850 MHz and 2100 MHz, or 4G LTE frequencies to work with Israel networks. New phones typically support quad bands (so they will work with cellular frequencies in Israel).
  • The most important consideration is that your phone must be an unlocked device to work with an Israel SIM card. An unlocked phone is one that has not been configured to only function on the network of the original carrier. Nowadays, you may unlock the majority of post-paid smartphones as soon as you pay them off or your contract expires. You can ask your carrier to unlock your phone temporarily or to give you the unlock code by contacting them.
  • Another thing is that the phone you are carrying with you must be a SIM-free device for use in Israel. If you have a dual-SIM phone, make sure to use your Israel SIM card in slot one for easier and better connectivity. SIM cards automatically look for mobile networks and connect to them.

How to get an Israel SIM card?

You can get your Israel data SIM card from powered by the leading cellular network in Israel, Cellcom. You can choose unlimited data, calling, and texting plans with your Israel SIM card as per your travel goals and requirements. This gives our users quick access to lightning-fast internet while on the go in addition to a clear connection wherever they may be in Israel. Whether you are inside or outside of Israel, the card will be sent directly to you after placing the order.

Contact us at GroupSIM to know more about Israel SIM cards for travelers.

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