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Rent a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) in Israel and connect to the internet from multiple devices.

Our Rent a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) lets you experience Israel with an affordable and hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity. With our MiFi service, we offer an easy way of staying connected during your stay in Israel. Our MiFi rental service offers virtually unlimited 4G data for travelers to Israel. Either use it in your hotel or enjoy seamless connectivity while you’re travelling from one destination to the next within Israel. Everywhere you travel in Israel is a hotspot thanks to our Rent a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) service.

Stay Connected with Loved Ones and Friends

There are many reasons why you should opt for our Rent a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) service. One of the main benefits of our MiFi service is the amount of convenience it offers to those who are travelling to Israel. Our MiFi rental service is especially beneficial for those who frequently travel to Israel or plan on making several trips to the country. If you like to stay connected to the rest of the world, nothing can be more annoying than having to depend on the local Wi-Fi hotspots that are available at hotels and restaurants.

Enjoy Countless Apps on the Go

Thanks to our Rent a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) rental service, travelers to Israel can get easy access to the internet anywhere in Israel at any time and with any device or multiple devices simultaneously. You can also take advantage of useful travel apps such as Google Maps, Trip Advisor, and all other mobile and tablet applications whenever and wherever you want.

Secure Internet Access

Additionally, our Rent a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) rental service is also secure. This means you can use our secure internet connection freely without worrying about your credit card or bank accounts being hacked while using our mobile hotspot.

Seamless Connectivity

With our MiFi service, travelers to Israel can now enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity while they travel to Israel. Send emails, update your social media posts, and watch the latest shows and movies with uninterrupted internet service. Our service is particularly useful for those travelers who often prefer to visit multiple cities within Israel. Our Rent a Mobile Hotspot gives you the freedom you need when abroad. You can either use our MiFi service at the hotel where you’re staying or just about any place in Israel. GroupSim offers you a seamless way to stay connected while you travel to Israel on a business trip or as a tourist.

Easy Setup

Our Rent a Mobile Hotspot service is easy to setup and connect, whether you are using a single phone or multiple devices that require an internet connection. With our MiFi service, you can get to enjoy unbeatable speed virtually anywhere in Israel.

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