Initial SIM card purchase cost is fixed at $15 (USD) plus tax. This does not include fees for daily use.
SIM card rental fees are $5 (USD) day, plus tax. Fee includes incoming and outgoing calls, texts within Israel and data.
Basic phone rental fees are $4 (USD) per day.
MiFi (wireless router) rental fees are $6 (USD) per day, plus tax, including MiFi hardware and data connection.
As an optional service, GroupSim also offers American phone numbers for SIM cards at a rate of $1.00 (USD) per day, plus tax. This service enables US callers to contact you while in Israel on your GroupSim  phone without incurring international phone call charges.
As a security, we will place a credit card authorization for the duration of your rental period on the credit card used in your booking. Security fees are: $100 (USD) per Basic phone. $200 (USD) MiFi. Provided that there is no loss, damage or other fees that may need to be assessed after the phone is returned to GroupSim, the authorization will be released.CALLING TO THE US AND CANADA
When dialing to the US and Canada you must use  prefix “001” or ” +1″ example 001-123-456-7890 or +123-456-7890.
Calling international US or Canada numbers using prefix such as “012” ,“013”, “014”, “015”, “016”, 017″, “018” or “019” utilize different networks and are prohibited from use on all GroupSim phones.
GroupSim  Reserves the right to charge the renter any additional costs incurred by the renter resulting from the placement of calls using non-“001” networks. The price per minute for using prefix other than “001” or +1 when dialing to the US or Canada, range between $2.68 per minute through $4.68 per minute.


GroupSim reserves the right to collect a replacement fee for loss or theft to any of our devices or SIM cards. GroupSim reserves the right to collect, from the renter, $300 Per MiFi, $100 per Basic Phone, $25 for lost or a broken SIM card. Insurance costs are optional. Devices rented without insurance will hold the renter liable for any damages. Replacement and repair costs are up-to $300 per damaged MiFi, $100 per Basic phone, and $25 for lost or a broken SIM card.
Damage Insurance Option: GroupSim offers damage insurance for  Mifis for $1 (USD)/day with a $50 (USD) deductible. This plan offers protection against all damages (including water damage), but not against loss or theft of the phone.
PLEASE NOTE: Unless requested, GroupSim does not send damage fee invoices.


GroupSim shipments are only sent out during “Business Days” Monday – Friday 10AM- 4:30PM. We do not ship during Legal Holidays, Jewish Holidays and Emergencies.
Given your order is placed within enough time, GroupSim aims is to have the packages by our clients shipping address one week prior to their departure date. (Clients who need the package earlier, please notify our office)
If you order is placed 10+ days prior to your departure date, and you do not receive your order within 3 business days of your departure date, please contact our office, so we can send out a new package. Please note: if you do not receive your order 3 business days prior to your departure and have not contacted us, GroupSim  reserves the the right not to guarantee any refunds.
GroupSim is not liable for any packages received late when a client chooses “Overnight Shipping”, as we do not control the mail couriers.


1. GroupSim reserves the right to charge late fees for any rental that is returned late. “Late”, is defined as follows: If you chose the local pick-up option, “late” is after the third business day past your selected return date; if you chose any shipping option, “late” is 1 week past your selected return date.

2. Late fees are as follows:

MiFi late fee is $10 (USD) + NYS Tax per day.  (After 60 days, you will be charged a final $200 replacement fee)

Basic phone late fee is $6 (USD) + NYS Tax per day. (After 60 days, you will be charged a final $100 replacement fee.)

If this is the first time you are late, GroupSim reserves the right to charge you a lower late fee rate.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless requested, GroupSim  does not send late fees invoices.



GroupSim calling (incoming and outgoing) to/from Israeli numbers.
GroupSim calling to the *United States and Canada (landlines and mobile).
GroupSim text messaging within Israel (inquire about American text messaging plan).
GroupSim 4G network (High-speed) data capability up to 30GB.
When the data usage exceeds 30GB, the network will throttle (slow down) to the 3G or 2G network. For more 4G data, please sign up for a Higher Internet usage plan. GroupSim high speed data upgrade is limited to 30 GB per month.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *PLEASE NOTE: Calling to other Countries not included in the plan will incur additional Charges of $.25- $1.50/ a minute, depending on the country you are calling.


Unlimited Internet for all your WiFi Enabled devices.


Unlimited calling within Israel and Unlimited calling to the US and Canada. (Landline and mobile)
Unlimited texting within Israel and the the US and Canada.


If you reserve a phone, sim card or device and then cancel your order, GroupSim reserves the right to charge a $45 (USD) cancellation fee, ($65 USD if device has already shipped from our office), which will be charged to the credit card number we have on file for you.


1. If it happens that you experience some technical trouble during your trip you must contact our customer care and let us know that you are experiencing a technical difficulty. We will not issue any refunds if you do not notify us during your stay.


Phones must be received within 4 days of your arrival to the United States. If it is not returned within 4 days of your return, you will be charged a $10.00 (USD) per day penalty fee. This fee will be charged to the credit card GroupSim has on file for you.


All phone accessories must be returned to our office in the condition in which they were received.

If any damage or loss takes place to accessories including but not limited to phone cases, chargers, adapters, GroupSim reserves the right to charge you a replacement fee on the credit card we have on file for you.


Text messages to international numbers will incur a $.89 (USD) fee per outgoing text message, all charged to the credit card we have on file for the renter.                                                                             PLEASE NOTE: Unless requested, We do not send Text Messaging fee invoice.
Voice calls, web browsing, text messaging, or the use of other services while not in Israel (such as at airports during layovers), are not covered by phone rental charges. Any fees incurred by the renter as a result of utilizing such services will be assessed to the renter, plus a $20 penalty fee, all charged to the credit card we have on file for the renter.

GroupSim high speed data upgraded is limited to 30 GB per month then may slow down. (If you need more than 30GB please contact us to arrange)