About GroupSim

Q. Why should I choose GroupSim over any other provider like Verizon, At&t, or any local Israel provider?

There are many answers,
A. GroupSim service uses Israel’s largest and most reliable service provider  – ‘Cellcom’.

B. Our customer service team can not be matched. We take our clients needs seriously, and we will do whatever it takes to please  you, our online reviews speak for them self.

C. We offer affordable unlimited plans delivered to your door while you are still here in the U.S., so you have your Israel numbers prior to your departure.

D. No need to worry about landing and running to find a SIM card, With Group Sims you’ll be connected the minute you land.

E. Verizon, At&t’s and other US roaming products, roam between Israel’s network – which result in very poor connection around Israel (for ex. when your lost in Israel and you need Waze the most.) With Group Sims our Service keeps you on Israel’s most reliable network the entire time.

F. Verizon, At&t’s and other US roaming products cap you at 500MB of high speed internet per day, imagine how frustrating that can be. (Just look at their fine print)

G. As Verizon, At&t’s and other US roaming products roam from network to network, they may catch Israel’s Jordanian phone service tower, which may result in tremendous roaming fees.

H. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Still need more? Just look around the web and see what our clients have to say.

Q. How long has GroupSim been in business?

A. GroupSim was established in 2016 and have been providing great service.

Data & Internet Connectivity

Q. When does my high speed internet reset?

A. On the 2nd of the month.

Q. Can I use my phone or SIM card as a mobile hotspot?

A. Yes, in most places throughout Israel your hotspot will work smoothly, but we cannot guarantee its functionality everywhere. For the best results, we suggest you rent one of our MIFI hotpsots.

Q. Can i check the status of my used minutes and data?

A. Yes, send an email to sales@groupsim.com for up-to-date plan usage. We will get back to you within one business day. The base GroupSim Plan includes: unlimited talk and text in Israel, unlimited calls to and from the U.S. & Canada, unlimited texting from the U.S., and unlimited data with 30GB at high spped 4G

Q. What network does your service utilize in Israel?

A. we use Israel’s largest and most reliable network, Cellcom, comparable to Verizon in the United States


Q. Should I Select the upgrade data plan?

A. If you are a heavy data user, it may be a good idea. For assistance the optimal plan for your needs, please contact our office at (212) 203-5687 to speak to a customer representative

Q. How many devices can I connect to the MiFi?

A. With our MiFi can connect up to 10 devices

Q. How do i connect my MiFi hotspot to my computer?

A. On the back of the MiFi is the Wi-Fi name and password to connect to.

Q. What happens when i reach the current 4G data high speed limit?

A. You will still have unlimited data at no extra charge, but you will connect at a slower 2G/3G speed.

Orders & Shipping

Q. What happens if my order does not arrive on time?

A. If necessary, we will deliver your order to your address in Israel.

Q. How are orders shipped?

A. Orders are shipped with USPS or UPS. Tracking numbers are provided and signatures are not required.

Q. When is the cut off time for orders to be shipped?

A. 4:30PM EST.

Q. Will I receive my order in time if i am leaving this week?

A. Yes, to guarantee you will get your order on-time, please select our overnight shipping option.

Q. When will my rental arrive if I order it today?

A. depending on your travel dates and the shipping option you choose, we try at most to have your order arrive at least a week prior to your departure.


Q. Is there a fee for cancelling my order?

A. Yes, there is a cancellation fee: $35 per order if your rental device or SIM has been shipped out.

Q. What is the security authorization charge on my credit card?

A. The authorization hold on your credit card is a standard practice to reduce fraud and improve customer satisfaction. The credited amount does not leave your account or enter ours. The exact amount depends on the device rented.

Q. What does my insurance cover?

A. The insurance we provide covers damages on the actual phone, such as cracked screens and water damage. You will only be liable for a $25 deductible. Note: The insurance does not cover accessories.

Q. If I choose to ship to out of NY State, will I be charged state tax?

A. No, we only charge New York sales tax if your order shipped to an address within New York.

Q. Are there any additional fees beyond the rental fee and NYS sales tax?

A. No, there are no additional fees beyond what is openly advertised. Our straightforward pricing model sets us apart in our industry.

Q. Do you offer group rates?

A. Yes. We offer competitive rates for groups traveling to Israel. For further details on our group rates please feel free to contact our office to arrange a special deal.

Phone Devices

Q. What happens when i reach the current 4G data high speed limit?

A. You will still have unlimited data at no extra charge, but you will connect at a slower 2G/3G speed.

Q. What happens to my voicemail if I did not delete them before leaving Israel?

A. They are automatically deleted.

Q. If Someone in The U.S calls the American number, will there be per minute charge?

A. No. The U.S. number provides you with unlimited incoming calls, and it is as if the caller is dialing a local number.

Q. If i text internationally with thus plan, will the recipient incur any overage charges?

A. This depends on the recipient’s phone plan.

Q. Will I get charged for incoming international texts ?

A. Incoming texts will be free, you will only be charged for outgoing texts if its not to US & Canada.

Q. Are MMS or Picture Mail (Pictures sent via Text Message's) include in the plan?

A. . Unfortunately not, we suggest you use Email or “Whatsapp” to send picture’s.

Q. Will I be able to send text (SMS) messages to non-Israeli mobile numbers?

A. Yes, you will be able to text international numbers.

Q. If I receive an American number, is there a cost to forward my current US number to the one that you have provided?

A. No. There are no additional costs for call forwarding.

Q. Where can I find my phone numbers?

A. For SIM cards, it will be on the SIM card’s packaging. For phone rentals, the number(s) are on the back of the device.

Q. Will I know my Israeli number before I leave the U.S?

A. Yes, we will send you an email with your phone numbers before you receive your rental.

Q. Can I text to the U.S.?

A.  Yes, free of charge, you can also have unlimited texting to the U.S

Q. What does my plan include?

A. The base GroupSim plan includes: unlimited talk and text in Israel, unlimited calls to and from the U.S. & Canada, unlimited texting from the U.S., and unlimited data with 30GB at high speed 4G.


Q. What is the benefit of receiving the return label and kit, as opposed to sending it on my own?

A. We offer you a free return label in every order that needs to be returned.

Q. If I rent two products, may I return them together in one packaging?

A. Yes

Q. After returning home, how long do I have to return my rental device ?

A. We ask to return your order promptly upon your arrival back in the U.S., though we provide a one-week grace period before charging late fees.