iPhone Rental


Starting From $9/day



Unlimited calling to the Israel, US & Canada  Enjoy the freedom making unlimited calls while you are staying in Israel to any Israel, US & Canada number, home or mobile on Israel’s largest and most reliable network – “Cellcom”
Unlimited texting within Israel Texting was never so easy. our SIM package allows you to send and receive as many texts as you want to any Israel, US & Canada mobile number
Unlimited Data Get the ultimate in 4G high-speed data everywhere in Israel. Get connected faster and enjoy streaming services with our unlimited package upgrade, it may slow down after 30GB without our internet upgrade.
Damage Insurance Be covered for any damage to the iPhone e.g cracked screen, water damage etc.

  • $25 deductible applies.
US number

Maybe you want to be reached from a US number, in which case you will want to get your US number upgraded.

This means not only do you get an Israel number that you can use while traveling to Israel, our service also allows your friends and family to contact you with your own US number.

Our US Number Upgrade:

  • An addition to your Israel number you can also get a US number, which allows callers from the US to reach you on a local US number.
  • You can fwd your current US number to our US number that we provide you, so which allows you to be reached on your current US number.
  • The US number cannot send or receive texts or MMS.
Unlimited High-Speed Data Upgrade If you use the internet constantly, then maybe the basic package isn’t enough for you. Why not upgrade to our Unlimited Internet Plan, where you will get to enjoy super-fast internet connectivity without any interruptions.
Israel converter You can purchase our high-quality Israeli adapter, since Israeli outlets are different than the US outlets.

Getting an iPhone, while traveling abroad, usually means not being able to use certain apps or having access to your contacts in your phone’s address book. However, it will not be so with our iPhone.

Why GroupSim?

With our service of Israel iphone rentals, you don’t have to deal with any of those inconveniences. Not only do you get to use an iPhone for Israel with US number that is compatible with the Israel network, but you get to have easy and uninterrupted access to all of your contacts as well. With the iPhone that we provide, you can also have access to just about any social application you want to use during your stay in Israel. We bring convenience to your doorstep.



We are proud to have a long relationship with the leading cellular network in Israel, Cellcom. This allows our users to not just enjoy a clear connection wherever they are living in Israel, but also easy access to lightning-fast internet while on the go. Israel has the most reliable 4G network, and now you can take advantage of that too during your stay in Israel with our affordable iPhone rentals for Israel. No hidden charges and no extra fees, just pure super-face data connection for your phone and tablet.


One of the reasons why our clients love doing business with us is because we provide a reliable service with no extra charges. With just $9/day, our customers get to have access to a clear connection and high speed internet so they can stay connected on the go. To ensure that our clients find the service they need, we provide multiple packages with reasonably priced and transparent. This means you do not have to deal with any hidden charges or surprises when you’re using our network.


At GroupSim, we pride ourselves in delivering unmatched service quality to all of our clients. Our premium quality services are not only limited to purchasing a SIM card or phone rental, but we also take care of our customers by providing them with real-time customer support. We offer round the clock customer support services to our customers in the US, and once they have landed in Israel. You are always going to be greeted by a friendly and courteous customer support associate who will walk you through the process and make sure that all of your questions and queries are answered.


To learn more about our products and services like phone rentals and sim card rentals for Israel or to buy an Israel Iphone, please feel free to contact us at 212-203-5687 today.