Which one is the best option –Israel SIM Card with Data or International Roaming Plan?

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When traveling to Israel, always seek a way to connect with the local cellular network; otherwise, you are going to be busy finding Wi-Fi rather than enjoying your trip. You might want to use your own mobile phone in Israel, but you will be shocked when you will see your mobile phone bills. Thus, you should have a cost-effective and reliable communication solution. If you don’t know what to do, continue reading to find easy and affordable solutions to communicate and interact with your family, business colleagues, and friends.

Buy or Rent Israel SIM Card with Data

The cheapest way that connects you to local cellular networks is to buy or rent an Israel SIM card with data. When you travel for extended periods, it makes sense to rent or buy an Israel SIM card as long as you have an unlocked phone. You might get advice from many people online to get an Israel SIM card at Ben Gurion airport or Tel Aviv City.

But smart people know how important it is to go to a foreign country already prepared, especially with arrangements to stay connected. Having a SIM card with data will also allow you to use social media and use the Internet without any hassle. If you like to use the Internet constantly, you can even upgrade to Unlimited Internet Plan so that you can enjoy lightning-fast Internet without any interruption.

Use International Roaming Plans

You always have the option of using your phone’s international roaming plan. While with an Israel SIM card you will get 30 GB data, you will get only limited data with roaming plans (500 MB per day as per Verizon and AT&T). In today’s time when people love to instantly share their moments at Instagram and Facebook or connect with friends through video calls, having limited data is not an option.

So, when buying a roaming plan, due diligence is necessary because complaints of constant switching between networks and charging higher prices than informed are common.

So, you can easily notice that carrying an Israel SIM card with data is a much more sensible, reliable, and reasonable option.

Where should I rent/buy an Israel SIM Card?

Though there are several options to buy or rent an Israel SIM card with US number such as, at the airport in Israel or any retail store in Israel, the easiest, smartest, and safest option is to contact a known provider in your home country. With this option, you won’t be facing any language barrier and can easily find out which provider you can rely on.

Besides, when you rent or buy Israel SIM card with US number (and data) from a local provider online or offline in the U.S., you will also enjoy English speaking real-time customer support 24*7 as soon as you land in Israel. They make sure that all your queries are answered quickly.

Looking for the best packages for an Israel SIM card with data and US number? Contact a reliable Israel SIM provider in the US online and get the SIM delivered at your doorstep, the airport before boarding the flight, or anywhere you want.

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