Going on an Israel Trip? Know How to Stay Connected Affordably

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Even though Israel is a small country, it is visited by millions of visitors every year. The interesting thing to note here is that the majority of tourist’s traffic comes from the United States (19%), followed by Russia, and France. This is why when you as an American need to travel to Israel, you will find so many options to rent or buy an Israel SIM card in the USA. Most first-time visitors wonder what if they want to use their personal number in Israel too. Let’s discuss why it is not a good idea.

Why is using personal mobile number not worthy during your Israel trip?

Well, it will be a very costly surprise if you do that while you are in Israel. The international phone rates are high and can be as high as $5 per minute. Even wealthy businessmen don’t prefer to waste money on unnecessary costly mobile service bills when they can have far cheaper options and much better quality service. So, to ensure that your trip remains more affordable and doesn’t cross your budget, it would be a smart and wise decision to either buy or rent an Israel SIM card before you leave.

What are the different mobile network service providers in Israel? 

Israel is equipped with several cell phone network providers. Some of the main network providers are Cellcom, Orange, and Pelephone. While Orange and Pelephone are getting quite popular, Cellcom is the largest and most reliable network in Israel. With nearly 3 million cellular subscribers, Cellcom offers seamless connectivity and quality call and data usage experience.

When and where to buy an Israel SIM Card?

You might already have heard that you can easily get a SIM card once you land in Israel at any shop including grocery stores. But, we would like to suggest you to buy an Israel SIM card in the USA and get it delivered before you leave for the airport. Leaving things for later or last minute is not always a good idea. Find an online store to rent an Israel SIM card (if you are going for just a one-time short trip) or buy an Israel SIM card (if you are going to stay or you expect to visit Israel several times in future).

This way, you won’t have to talk to strangers on a foreign land and don’t look for shops to get SIM cards. Knowing that you can connect to your loved ones right the moment you land in Israel and not have to go through the hassles of getting a SIM card and unlocked phone.

Yes, when you rent or buy an Israel SIM card, you are going to need an unlocked phone. If it doesn’t seem feasible to you, you can even rent or buy a basic or iPhone to stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues without any worries. Both are far cheaper options than using your personal phone number in Israel as a tourist.

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