A Handy Guide to Buying or Renting an Israeli SIM Card for Travelers

 In Israeli SIM card

You will find copious options when it comes to renting a cell phone in Israel. But you can also rent a SIM card, and this might make you wonder: renting a SIM card? However, there are many ways for non-resident travelers to get a SIM card here in the country.

So we will take a look at the best ways for you, with more emphasis on renting a SIM card and its benefits over others.

  1. Purchasing a Pre-Paid Israeli SIM card
  2. Purchasing an Israeli SIM card in Israel via a Plan
  3. Renting a Cell Phone / SIM card from an American company

Purchasing a Pre-Paid Israeli SIM card

It is a good way to get in SIM card in Israel for who those travel frequently. You can keep the SIM card and use it when you are in the country. It is cost effective for you do not have to spend for getting a new number again and again. Also, you can control the expenses on recharge; you make calls when it is extremely necessary.

But it is not as cheap as renting a SIM card in Israel if you do not travel so frequently. Also, you have to get your phone unlocked or should a already unlocked phone, which only adds up to the cost.

So what?

If you’re not sure how to use a SIM card, or aren’t quite sure how they work, it is better to rent a SIM card and phone.

Many people do not know how and where to rent a SIM card or phone. But this is the first time you  want to rent a number in Israel, there are many websites like this GroupSim dedicated to helping travelers rent a SIM or phone. It also helps you buy a new number. You will find information such as what are required for applying for new number, where to apply and so on.

While renting a SIM card is a good option for those who rarely travel to Israel, frequent fliers should consider purchasing their own SIM card. This allows them to keep one phone number for multiple trips (with limitations).

Purchasing an Israeli SIM card in Israel via a Plan

Buying a SIM with a plan will cost less than purchasing a prepared SIM and then choosing a plan. Like the prepared SIM, you can keep the number for multiple trips provided you have an unlocked mobile. Also there is no contract plan, which you do not need to recharge when you are not using the number.

However, it is least convenient, and also requires someone in Israel to help you set up and deal with Israeli customer service.

Renting a Cell Phone from an American company

There are many advantages renting a SIM card in Israel, particularly from an American company over other options. But what are the most important include convenience, time (Customer Service varies – but all beat Israeli customer service any day).

This is the best option except a few minor drawbacks like Smartphones Limited to Blackberry, you not allowed to use your own phone even it is unlocked, etc.

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