Know Why Getting Israeli SIM Card is an Easy Peasy Process

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While going on a vacation trip to Israel, the most important thing you need to stay connected with your friends and loved ones is to buy Israeli SIM card or rent a mobile phone. Both of the options are cost-effective and help tourists, travelers and visitors to save money on expensive roaming charges and to enjoy a constant stream of Internet no matter where they travel in Israel. The good news is that getting a SIM card is very easy for everyone traveling to this country -which is famously called the melting pot due to its diverse culture.

Maybe you are wondering why getting a SIM card is so easy in Israel. So, here are the top reasons which make the process of purchasing SIM card in this country hassle-free.


No Need for Documentation

Yes, don’t stare at the screen with wide open eyes. Generally, when you buy a SIM card, you need to provide some documents. But, here, when you step into Israel you will be happy to know that Israeli SIM card purchase doesn’t require any documentation. All you need is to pay the seller the cost of the SIM. If you are lucky enough, you may also get to choose the phone number you want. Another good thing, you can easily avail the kind of SIM card you need such as nano, micro, standard or whatever.


Immediate Activation

Most of the time when you buy a SIM in your own country, service provider takes some time to activate that SIM. However, when you travel to Israel, the best thing is that Israeli SIM card would be immediately activated, especially if you are buying SIM of one of the esteemed companies with large network.


Online Shopping

Like any other item, you can also buy Israeli SIM online and stay away from the worries of finding mobile stores in a place which is completely new to you. The SIM card will be delivered to your doorstep. In case you are thinking of buying it from the airport, I would not recommend this option. See, we all know that all things available at the airport come with a premium price tag. This means SIM card will also be expensive there. Thus, online option is far better than wandering in Israeli streets or paying extra at the airport for the same thing.


What about renting a phone in Israel?

In case, you are thinking about renting a phone, let me help you a little with this too. If talking about it generally, you will need an unlocked phone. However, in technical terms, you need an unlocked quad-band GSM phone that can accept standard, nano or micro SIM cards.


Apart from this, you can talk to customer service and tell all your requirements and they can suggest you the most reliable network with offers and schemes that suit your needs in the best possible way.


So, what are you waiting for? Just pick your mobile, choose one of the reputed Israeli SIM card and mobile service providers and get whatever SIM, mobile or plan you want.

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