Phone and SIM Rental: An Excellent Way to Cut Your Expenses on Israel Trip

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Every year, millions of tourists visit Israel among which the majority belongs to the USA. While this significant number is largely attributable to Israel’s own attraction factors, one factor that has played an indispensable role is the uninterrupted communication facility. It is not a secret that places which are remote and don’t offer proper communication attract little to no tourism.

Phone rental for Israel

Visiting international places is in itself too expensive and spending a huge amount of money on communication and sharing highlights is usually not acceptable for most people. This is why various companies have come forward to offer affordable services and minimizing your final budget by cutting a substantial cost of phone bills.

There are mainly three options which will help you stay connected every time, everywhere in Israel, such as:

  • Phone Rental for Israel
  • SIM Purchase for Israel
  • SIM Rental for Israel

Phone Rental for Israel

The option of phone rental is popular among tourists who visit Israel for a short duration. The service charges are reasonable and you can save a lot as compared to using your own mobile phone. Phone rental for Israel option also saves you from the hassle of unlocking your phone.


  • No complicated issue of unlocking or locking the phone
  • User-friendly design and interface
  • Unlimited calls to/from Israel and the US
  • Unlimited texting to/from Israel and the US
  • Safe, affordable, and convenient

SIM Purchase for Israel

People, who visit Israel frequently either for leisure or business purposes, generally prefer to buy a SIM for a smooth experience in Israel. Apart from tourists and businessmen, purchasing a SIM is also a favorite among students who choose Israel for higher studies, for research purposes, or other reasons and planning to stay for a longer time.

SIM Rental for Israel

The option is suitable if you don’t want the hassle of returning the phone at the end of the tour. Though returning the phone is quite an easy process but, still, it is a task you need to do on time. The only drawback is that SIM card rental option is compatible for only unlocked GSM devices.


  • Unlimited calls to any Israel, US or Canada phone number
  • Unlimited texts to any Israel, US or Canada phone number
  • Unlimited 4G high-speed data everywhere in Israel
  • Upgrades when you opt for owning the SIM card
  • Facility of having the same card every time you visit Israel
  • No need to return the SIM
  • Can lend your SIM card to friends, and family members traveling to Israel
  • Get your SIM activated whenever you need

So, whenever you plan a visit to Israel, cut your unnecessary expenses by either phone rental or SIM purchase/rental service. This way you will be able to share your experiences to the world instantly, connect with family and friends for the entire visit, and save yourself from frustration caused by frequent call drops, poor cell reception or slow data speed.

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