Travelling to Israel? Here is why you must use Israel phones during your stay there!

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Hey! Are you super excited for your trip to Israel, but fear only staying away from your phone for so long? After all, the “cheap international roaming” is just a lure from your home nation’s mobile operator which ends up burning a hole in your pocket. Receiving and making calls and using the Internet on your phone are dramatically expensive and the so-called packs will only save you up to a certain extent. If you are not convinced against using your home nation’s mobile operator, let us explain to you why the international roaming plans offered by them are nothing but a big headache.

While mobile operators promote the free aspect of international plans, they will not tell you that these services will be incredibly slow and poor when you actually get down to using them. Most likely, the free data that is being advertised would be 2G. Now imagine having to access the net over 2G speed! The page that you will try to open at this speed will probably take a good 5-6 minutes to load or it may just time out. If you happen to call your service provider, they will tell you that you will have to pay extra to get 3G/4G speed. Now think of the phone bill that you will have to pay on returning to your own country.

So, what is the best alternative in such a situation? Well, you can hire Israel phones on rent and restrict your spending on phone usage. Israeli SIM cards are easily available on rent and if your phone is locked, you can rent Israel phones as well. This way you will be assured of excellent network coverage and inexpensive call rates to various destinations. You will most likely have to pay a fixed amount for your entire duration of stay or else you will have to pay some fixed charge on a daily basis for unlimited calls and data usage. The best part about using Israel phone while on your trip here is that you will not face any issues or poor connection and data speed as you will be using the local mobile operator’s services.

Apart from this, you will not have to pay any deposit fees and there will be absolutely no hidden fees that you will be made at the time of returning the phone and SIM. Most of such phone rental services providers include the insurance fees in the daily rate itself. And what’s the cherry on the cake? You will have to pay for the phone rental service only upon your arrival in Israel. This implies that even if you get the phone delivered to you in your home nation many days before the date on which you will travel to Israel, you will still not have to pay for it. Upon returning to your country, you will still be given at least a week to return the Israel phones.

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