Crucial Things to Know About Renting a Sim Card for Israel Travel

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Israel is a small country in comparison with others, but there is no shortage of things tourists can see and enjoy. Today, travelers like to share their experiences with their friends and family, whether it is over a video call or posting pictures on social media.

When traveling to Israel from the United States, you may be in for a bit costly surprise if you decide to use your phone as usual. You must be aware of international phone rates, which can often be very high. In order to ensure that your trip more affordable and light on your budget, you should consider buying an Israel Sim card before you leave. Remember that you require an unlocked device for this plan with a sim card to work.

Why should you not use your US carrier’s roaming plan?

First of all, you can use your phone’s international roaming plan. But, you should know that roaming plans come on a third-tier network option. You will witness slower service than a local Sim card and will not have the call quality you are used to.

Now, imagine being out in a remote area in Israel, trying to find you way back to your hotel when you lose your signal. If this happens, you probably hoped that you chose an Israeli Sim card instead of using your US carrier’s roaming plan.

Is it a better option to buy a Sim card in Israel?

You can rent a Sim card once you arrive at the airport in Israel. You can find many stores that sell Sim card to travelers. Buying a SIM card when you arrive may be the most cost-effective option, but you will receive no proper technical support. You have to also make sure that you are buying a SIM card of the best network provider that offers you the most coverage.

So, even though it is the cheapest option, you get no technical support, no international calling, and no communication solution.

Why should you rent Israel Sim Card from a well-known American service provider?

If you want your vacation or trip to go as smooth as possible, so that you can be in the moment when you are in Israel, you may want to consider buying or renting Israeli Sim card from an American provider.

You won’t have trouble finding a reliable US-based service provider offering Israeli Sim cards and other communication solutions. You will get your phone number ahead of time so you can give it to family and friends. Also, you will have the opportunity for a US number and Israeli number at the same time, allowing you to access all services and apps in the country.

Renting from a trustworthy provider you:

  • Get quality service in Israel.
  • Receive the phone number before leaving.
  • Hold the US and Israeli number at the same time.
  • Get high-speed data on Cellcom’s network.


It today’s age of technology and use of social media, you may find it hard to abstain from using social media to share beautiful moments with friends and family when you are in Israel. Therefore, it is essential that you understand how service and data plan work in Israel.

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