What are your Connectivity Options when Traveling to Israel?

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Traveling abroad is always fun despite the fact it requires a lot of preparation and planning before starting your journey. Flight booking – done, hotel booking – done, transportation – done; but there is another area where you should plan before landing abroad and that is your connectivity options. Obviously, you can’t live without data and voice connectivity in today’s lifestyle and you can’t put your money on your local service provider. You have to look for other options for better connectivity at affordable rates instead of paying for your roaming charges.

When you are traveling to Israel on a holiday or a work trip, you can plan your mobile and data connectivity options in the country. Here, you will find different options from different service providers as per your requirements and budget. In Israel, you can have the following options as per your travel needs:

SIM card rental

You can get a SIM card rental for Israel for your unlocked devices with affordable packages as per your travel plan. You can use it in your existing mobile phone whenever you need it. You can choose packages with unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and unlimited data with your Israel SIM card rental as per your requirements. You can also avail of some upgrade plans from certain service providers in Israel for better connectivity and more control over your choices.

Basic phone rental

If voice and texts are your priority, you can opt for the basic phone rental plans. You can get a basic phone rental plans for Israel to remain accessible while traveling in Israel. It could be your best choice if you want to stay away from the internet during your trip and the best part is that it is affordable and convenient.

iPhone rental

If the data connectivity is also on your priority list for some important follow-ups online while you are traveling, you can opt for the iPhone rental plans for Israel. You can avail of the best unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and unlimited data connectivity packages as per your needs. It is one of the best options when you are looking for voice as well as data connectivity on the go. All you need to choose your activation and return date and get it with affordable plans.

MiFi rental

If you are looking for Wi-Fi connectivity to connect your devices with the Internet, MiFi rental for Israel can be your choice. It is like renting a Mobile Hotspot (MiFi) for hassle-free internet connectivity on the go. You can enjoy virtually unlimited 4G data with easy setup, secure internet, and seamless connectivity during your stay in Israel.

With GroupSIM, you can choose your best connectivity option with affordable data and voice plans during your stay in Israel. All you need to select your option and enter your travel dates to place your order. You will receive your order in time for your travel. You can select a package of your choice for your phone rental or SIM card rental for Israel as per your data and calls requirements to stay connected throughout your travel.

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