5 Things You Need to Know before Buying an Israeli SIM Card

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If you frequently plan vacations to Israel, then you should also think about having a permanent solution to stay in touch with your family and friends. Rather than choosing to rent an Israeli SIM card, it is best to buy Israeli SIM card to nullify the hassle of arranging SIM card every time you go there.

How to get an Israeli SIM card?

Getting an Israeli SIM card is very simple. You don’t have to go anywhere except online. Just take your mobile and search for the best online store to buy Israeli SIM card. Check out the reviews, packages, services, and prices, the online stores are offering. Nothing new!

There are different mobile Internet operators in Israel such as Partner, Cellcom, Golan Telecom, HOT Mobile, Pelephone, etc. Since Cellcom is the largest and most reliable network in Israel with competitive prices and a bunch of good offers for tourists, it would be good to choose an online store that has a long-term collaboration with Cellcom network.

Once you find a reliable online store, order the SIM card for Israel travel and get it shipped to wherever you want – your home, airport, or office.

What does a tourist need to buy an Israeli SIM card?

The most important thing you need to have is a valid passport. As a tourist, you cannot buy Israeli SIM card without a valid passport. A photocopy or scanned photo is enough to show as proof.

Which one is the best Israel SIM card for tourists?

Due to fierce competition in the market, there is not much difference between different mobile Internet providers in Israel. However, when it comes to reliability, Cellcom is considered to be the best option due to wide network coverage, affordable pricing scheme, and sufficient data package.

Can American tourists use their USA phone numbers?

When you order an Israeli SIM card, you will get a new cell phone number to use inside Israel. However, if you want to keep your USA phone number, you can upgrade the plan to get a virtual USA number. Through this upgrade, you can forward the calls from personal Israeli number to the virtual USA number.

This is the best way to reduce the call rates, SMS charges, and cost of data. Otherwise, keeping your own USA number and attending calls would not only cost you a huge amount but also cause a lot of hassles in network reception.

Is there any prerequisite for using an Israeli SIM card?

Yes. When you rent or buy Israeli SIM card, you must remember to keep your phone unlocked. To sort it out or for any help, contact the online store from where you have bought a SIM card. Ensure you get this done before heading to Israel because once you enter Israel, you will be too busy to sort this out. In case you forget to unlock your phone, the only other sensible option to contact and communicate is to buy an international roaming package.

Now, you know pretty much everything you should know before buying an Israeli SIM card. So, go ahead, find out the best package at the best prices and make your travel super smooth and easy.

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