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Even if you aren’t a person who feels the urge to post photos and updates on social media frequently, it’s a good idea to buy Israeli SIM card. Not being able to contact your friends and family members or important clients can ruin your entire visit experience in this foreign land. Not only will you heavily charged on using personal phone but frequent call drops and intermittent network can make you frustrated. Thus, having a local SIM is a must to ensure that you don’t feel lost and stay in touch with your dear and loved ones for the entire time.

However, this may pop several questions in your mind, for instance, where to get a new Israeli SIM, what options you have and which is better for you. In this post, we will discuss all such things so that you can feel at ease while buying and using a new SIM of another country.

Where to get an Israeli SIM card

First of all, there are two options: You can either buy Israeli SIM card online in your home country before the date you need to board the flight or you can buy a SIM card in Israel itself. While being prepared before entering a foreign country is always best, buying a SIM card in another country can be difficult sometimes. Though most shopkeepers and grocery storekeepers speak English, to be on the safe side, it is best to have an Israeli SIM card before the trip.

Different Options of SIM Card Packages

This year, the main competitors are Pelefone or 019. But, if you are looking for a more reliable network, Cellcom is the one you should look for. Cellcom is Israel’s largest and most reliable network.

You can enjoy the freedom to make unlimited calls and send/receive text messages during your visit to any Israel, the US and Canada phone number. Plus, you can benefit from 4G high-speed data everywhere in Israel.

With unlimited package upgrade, you can get connected to faster streaming services, however, it may slow down after the use of 30GB without upgrade plan.

In case you want to keep this SIM card to yourself, you can also do that with the help of your service provider. This way you don’t have to rent a SIM card every time you visit. All you need is to ask the service provider to activate the SIM card whenever you need it. To keep the Israeli line, the SIM card must be activated at least once in a year. Besides, you can also rent or sell this SIM card to someone else.

You can ask the service provider to deliver the SIM card wherever you want – your home, your office or the airport. The prices to buy Israeli SIM card are reasonable. So, you don’t have to worry about your budget.

In fact, choosing this option for communication will help you control your budget which will exceed with a significant margin if you opt to use your personal phone.

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