How To Make Your Israel Trip Better?

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Have you never been to Israel and planned your next trip there? Do you want to get the best experience visiting this city rich in culture and history? Then in this blog, I’ll list the things that you should do that will make your trip easier and better.

One of the important things that will make your trip better is to get the best SIM card to use in Israel with good connectivity. As the roaming charges will keep adding up while traveling internationally, buying the SIM card before visiting Israel from your own country will cost you much less. However, if you face any issues, you can easily get them at local mobile phone stores at the airport or in the cities.

Visiting any country, you are unaware of is both exciting and stressful at the same time. This beautiful adventure can turn into a nightmare within seconds. It is better to be alert and aware of your surroundings. Israel is a beautiful place with rich culture and history. There are so many wonderful sites to witness.

Things to consider before Visiting Israel:

Dress Modest

Before visiting a new place, one should be aware of some crucial rules followed by the people living there. Especially if you are planning to visit religious spots. So, dress modestly while visiting sacred places like Jerusalem, Western Wall, or the spot where Jesus was crucified.

Only Kosher Food

Another important rule that is followed in Israel is the food you will get offered in the restaurants will be kosher food only. They also don’t eat dairy products with meat.

No Service on Weekends

During the sabbath hours, from Friday evening till Saturday evening, all the businesses and public transport will remain closed. So be prepared for it and plan your trip accordingly.


Use shared taxis called MonitSherut, to travel around the city. They will drop you off at major sites or central stations. It is a good way to save money on traveling locally.

Manage Expenses

You can manage your expenses when visiting Israel by purchasing food from local markets or booking your stay that includes breakfast too. Israel is an expensive country irrespective of what you might think. Keeping extra money will be a useful tip.

Get a Local SIM Card

To have the best experience staying connected is also very important. For that, you will need to get a local SIM in Israel. There are many shops in and around the airport selling local SIM cards.

GroupSIM offers the best SIM card to use in Israel that comes with a great package and is an even better cellular network without any roaming charges away from your home country. You can choose a cellular plan or get a rental phone as per your specific use cases abroad.

Israel is a wonderful country to visit. Experience the country’s spirituality, delicious cuisines, historical sites, culture, restorative waters, and mythical deserts. You can never get enough of this amazing place.

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