Traveling to Israel? Here is how you can get the SIM

 In Israeli SIM card

Communication through a SIM card is extremely simple. It is a small chip that needs to be inserted into mobile phones and allows it to connect with the local network. SIM can be ordered and activated through local mobile service providers or travel companies that specialize in communication.

When we talk about traveling to Israel for any reason, you’ll need a medium to connect with a local network. If you want to bring your phone, it will allow you to call, text, and use mobile data through any local network in Israel. But how can you decide whether you should buy or rent a SIM card? We did all the research to help you to make an easy choice. You have three options to stay connected with your home while living in Israel.

  • Buying a SIM card in Israel
  • Using your US carrier’s roaming plan
  • Renting a SIM from an American provider

 Buying a SIM card in Israel

Most people will want to choose to buy an Israeli SIM card that can connect them to the local cellular network. If you are staying in Israel for an extended period then it can make sense. SIM cards are pretty affordable. You can buy a SIM card for $25 or less. Some companies also have it at the airport so that you can pick up yours when you arrive at the airport. Others companies ship the SIM card to your home before you head out on your trip. Irrespective of the method you opt for to get the SIM card, you need to plug it into your phone.

Using your US carrier’s plan

You can also use your phone’s international roaming plan. So many carriers offer a daily plan for $10 per day plus 20% taxes and surcharges for unlimited minutes and 500 MB of data per day. According to your plan, they offer free unlimited 2G data speed and their calling plan per minute. If you go out with your US carrier’s plan, make sure to do your research about the cost and quality of roaming service.

People often don’t know that they can experience a slower roaming service than a local SIM card because they get tier-three network options. Roaming plans are considered last when the network is busy.

Renting from an American company

You might be someone who wants to get all your communication issues resolved before you reach any country. If you want your trip to be as smooth as possible so that you can focus on your goal of visiting Israel, you can consider renting a SIM from an American company. It is considered the cheapest option, as you can get a SIM for less than $25 per month. Prices can vary depending upon the data package you choose.

Reputed companies offer Israel group SIM card rentals and other communication solutions. You can get your number on time so that you can give it to your friends and family. These networks offer you a better experience than any other option.

They also provide you with quality customer service for any issues that may arise. If you want to know more, feel free to connect with the experts.

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