Your 2020 Guide to Choosing Between Buy/Rent Israel SIM Card and Israel Phone

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When you plan to travel to Israel from the US or Canada, the most important thing to stay seamlessly connected is to make communication arrangements beforehand. If this is your first time, you might not know how costly it can be to use personal smartphone. You will be charged with roaming rates whether you will call, text, or use the Internet and that can create a hole in your savings.

However, you can have peace of mind as there are several other options too. This guide discusses these options in brief so that you can get an idea which option will be suitable for you.

To communicate and use the Internet at low cost in Israel, foreigners can choose from the following options.

  • Using your US or Canadian carrier’s roaming plan
  • Using an Israel SIM Card
  • Using an Israel basic or smartphone
  1. Using Israel Cell Phone

There are two options: you can either buy in your home country or Israel. Besides, you also have an added freedom that you can buy an Israel cell phone or go for Israel cell phone rental. If you are going to visit Israel several times in future or for a long time at once, it is best that you buy an Israel phone. However, in case you are going to Israel only for a short duration and may not need to go there again, renting an Israel cell phone is the most convenient option. When you choose to buy an Israel phone or prefer Israel phone rental, you can choose a basic phone or an iPhone based on your preference and budget.

  1. Using an Israel SIM Card

Under this option, you will have two choices. You can choose either to buy/rent a local Israel SIM card in the US or Canada before your journey to Israel starts (in advance) or to buy/rent an Israel SIM card after reaching Israel. The latter option comes with a lot of uncertainties, such as you don’t know anyone there, you don’t know their language, and you don’t know whom you can trust. So, it is highly recommended that you buy or rent an Israel SIM card while you are in the US or Canada.

  1. Using US or Canadian carrier’s roaming plan

There is no restriction on using a personal phone. You can choose to buy an international roaming plan to reduce the cost. In case you go with Travel pass or other roaming plans, you must research before choosing any plan. A lot of complaints are made about constant switching between networks. Some people report that they are charged with more than they were informed in the beginning.

Only a few people know that roaming plans come with a tier three network option. Sometimes, you may get slower service than a local SIM card and may not enjoy the call quality you are used to. When signals drop, roaming charges can quickly pile up. In short, going for a roaming plan is not always the wisest choice.

When it comes to choosing between an Israel SIM card and Israel phone, many people go for Israel cell phone rental as Israel SIM cards are only compatible with unlocked devices.

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