Which is The Best Cellular Network for Israeli SIM Card?

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If you are traveling to Israel, you should get an Israeli SIM card for uninterrupted communication with your loved ones in your home country. Things will be pretty easier for you. Most importantly, you will save lots of money because there won’t be any roaming charges. Also, you don’t have to worry about recharge and the balance amount in your account. Everything will be in place.

When buying a SIM Card, the first and the most important thing to consider is the network operator. The network of the operator should be strong so that you don’t face any issues while calling or browsing the internet. According to us, the popular and most reliable operator in Israel is Cellcom. According to experts, Cellcom is Israel’s largest mobile operator.

With roughly 3 million subscribers (numbers might be different), Cellcom offers Israel’s largest nationwide coverage. It operates a 4G LTE network. This cellular operator doesn’t serve tourists visiting Israel directly. You can get an Israeli SIM card with a Cellcom connection through resellers. Groupsim is one of the licensed resellers of Cellcom.

As compared to other network operators in Israel, Cellcom provides better deals. Also, the deals are affordable for all. Most importantly, the process to get an Israeli SIM card with a Cellcom connection is easier.

Where you can buy an Israeli SIM card

Cities and airports are full of mobile shops. After landing, you can buy an Israeli SIM card at the airport and pick up one from the stores near your hotel. Along with Cellcom, these stores sell SIM cards of other networks as well.

Instead of buying, you can rent an Israeli SIM card. It would be a cost-effective deal for you. But we recommend checking your requirements before deciding between buying and renting.

Why online buying of an Israeli SIM card is a better option

Ordering an Israeli SIM card online takes only a couple of minutes. With an online order, there will be no hassle on your arrival to Israel. The seller will either deliver the SIM to your home address or specify a pick location in Israel. Without any formality, you just have to visit the pick-up location and get the SIM card. The SIM card will automatically be activated from the first use. It means you can contact everyone immediately after landing.

The best thing about online orders is you might get different and more affordable deals. The sellers often offer discounts on advance purchase of the SIM card or online purchase.

One important point: Read the complete description before making the final click.

What you need to buy or rent an Israeli SIM card

To buy an Israeli SIM card with any network connection, you need a valid passport. If you don’t have the original copy, a photocopy or photo of the passport on your mobile is enough to buy the SIM card. You can even buy by showing your driving license.

For online purchases, you have to mention your requirements while purchasing and show the proofs when you get the SIM card.

With an Israeli SIM card, you won’t feel lonely on your journey to Israel because you will stay connected to your loved ones.

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