What are the Affordable Solutions on Your Sim Card for Israel?

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Are you planning to travel to Israel? Well, Lucky you! Israel is a gorgeous country with so many breathtaking views. Whether it’s a business trip or vacation, you’ll have a lot to do and see in The Holy Land. Israel is such a lively country, and the natives are welcoming to the travelers.

However, a trip to Israel can be a costly one. Airline tickets, hotels, tours can take the most significant bulk of your budget. In order to save, you should book early or go in the off-season, but mostly these expenses are the same. If you are not careful enough, some costs can be unpredictable and unnecessarily high, like the phone bill.

To keep your phone bill low on your trip to Israel, you need to avoid one thing – roaming charges. Many people prefer to use their own mobile number and device without switching anything, but the roaming costs (especially for mobile data) can skyrocket in no time. So, what are the options when you want an affordable solution on your sim card for Israel?

1. Buying a SIM card in Israel

Some people go for an Israeli SIM card that connects to local cellular networks. This is usually ideal if you’re traveling to Israel for extended periods (make sure you have an unlocked phone).

It’s not that costly to get a SIM card. Some providers will have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive at the airport. Other Sim Card services can ship them to you before you leave for Israel.

Getting the sim card when you arrive is probably the cost-effective option. But if you face any trouble with the service, you might be on your own. That’s because of a lack of customer support service.


  • Cheapest Option


  • No support, international calling, or U.S. number
  • You won’t know your phone number until you pick your sim card in Israel.
  • Have to research the best network for you.
  • Require a new sim card for your unlocked device

2. Opting for a US-based company

All your communications problems can be solved even before you arrive in a country. If you want your trip to Israel to be hassle-free, you should consider this option.

Today, you can find several US-based companies that provide sim cards for Israel. The best part of it is that you will get your phone number in advance. That means you can share the number with your friends and family.

Even better, you can use your U.S. number in Israel and that too without roaming charges. Some service providers also offer unlimited talking and texting on networks like Cellcom.

If you opt for a US-based service provider, you will receive great customer support for any issue you might have.


  • High-quality service in Israel.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Receive your phone number before your trip to Israel.
  • No need to change your U.S. phone number
  • Unlimited high-speed internet.


  • A bit costlier option than buying a sim card in Israel

There are many things to consider when planning your trip to Israel. It is best to research before and during your travels.

Whichever option you choose for your sim card for Israel, make sure that it will keep you connected at an affordable cost.

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