Travelling to Israel after COVID-19?? Here is What You Should Know

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After the onset of COVID-19, the resulting lockdown halted the network of the travel industry completely for some time. In places, where the number of cases is higher, travel is still restricted or limited by the authorities. However, as we are heading to the next year 2021, travel restrictions are expected to ease up, and more might also be willing to travel more around the world for business as well as wanderlust. And Israel is no different.

Israel is the Holy Land where millions of people visit every year. At present, security in Israel is currently high, and border crossing is rigorously monitored and controlled. While the number of tourists may be low this year, whoever will be traveling should get as much information as possible for a safe and hassle-free journey.

Passport with a Minimum 6-Month Validity

Every person who enters Israel for any reason is required to hold a passport with a validity of a minimum of six months before expiration regardless of nationality, as per the Embassy of Israel. All individuals applying for entry into Israel are required to undergo police record checks and security checks. And the government of Israel may deny the entry without giving any explanation.

Visa for Travelling, If Applicable

There is a list of countries whose citizens don’t need to obtain a visa for Israel trips of less than three months, according to the Embassy of Israel. The United States is included in this list which means if you are a citizen of the US, you don’t have to apply for a visa to go on the Israel Tour. All you need is a passport with at least six months’ validity before expiration.

However, if you wish to stay in Israel for longer than three months, then you will need to apply for a tourist visa. In case you are a student traveling to Israel, you will need to obtain a student visa. Individuals visiting Israel for official or diplomatic reasons will need to obtain an official visa from the Embassy of Israel.

Israel SIM Card

Though it is not a must for legal purposes, it might be for social and connectivity purposes. No matter if you are new to Israel or familiar with it, the need to stay connected to your family, friends, and colleagues is something you cannot neglect. Even if you are practicing digital detox after digital addiction during the lockdown, having an Israel SIM card is a smart decision. It will help you connect with helpline numbers, search for places you need to visit or inform your emergency contacts if you come across any emergency.

You can easily find a company that offers Israel SIM cards for tourists online; however, you should choose the only one with a good reputation, positive testimonials, and reliable service.

 Crossing Israel-Jordan Border

According to the US Department of State, U.S. citizens who hold valid passports can cross between Israel and Jordan at the Southern Arava crossing and at the Northern Jordan River crossing without obtaining a visa upfront. However, a fee will be charged at the time of crossing. On the other hand, individuals who want to use the Allenby Bridge, also called the King Hussein Bridge are advised to obtain a visa in advance.

Based on the prevailing conditions, travel restrictions might change quickly. Therefore, it would be wise for US citizens planning to visit Israel should register with either the Consulate General in Jerusalem or the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to stay updated. And don’t forget to arrange an Israel SIM card in advance to make sure that you stay connected.

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