Sharing Experiences via Local Phone While Visiting Israel

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Israel, the biblical Holy Land for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, is a Middle Eastern country which has a lot to offer for tourists and visitors. Whether you are visiting it to explore its culture, beauty, or culinary art or you are here for visiting some relatives, it is obvious that you like to share your experiences with your family and friends.

However, if you are traveling to Israel from the USA, using your own cell phone might bring you a costly surprise. How?

Why using a personal cell phone is not recommended for tourists and visitors?

Before communicating to your folks for long hours or surfing the net all night, you should be aware of international phone rates. They can be as high as $5 per minute, which is certainly very expensive.

So, what to do while travelling in Israel? 

To ensure that your trip to Israel is affordable and surprise-free in terms of phone bills, you can either purchase a prepaid Israel SIM card or you can rent an unlocked basic Israel phone before you leave.

While using an Israel SIM card would require you to use an unlocked phone, many travelers like to go with the option of renting Israel phones. All you need is to find a reputable service provider that ensures high quality services and seamless experience.

By having a basic phone while traveling can fulfill your needs without any complications. You won’t have to go through the hassle of unlocking your phone. Besides, you will be enjoying unlimited calling and texting to/from Israel at very affordable rates.

Knowing that you can connect with your dear ones anytime, anytime also keeps you away from unnecessary distractions. So, most people prefer the option of Israel phone rental to enjoy the vacation without any worries. It makes your whole journey easy as you can easily navigate to any location you want/need to go whether it is a restaurant, hotel, hospital or bar.

Sharing videos and photos on social media instantly makes the vacation more exciting. However, for navigation and sharing, you may want to consider purchasing a temporary data plan for your trip too. Though in a major city like Tel Aviv, there is no scarcity of free Wi-Fi spots such as coffee shops, restaurants, and other public places, you may find it difficult when you are in remote areas such as the Golan Heights, the Dead Sea, and forests. So, buy data plans accordingly.

Bonus Tip: In case you are flying to Israel from North America and planning to bring your domestic phone, it is recommended to bring an adapter for charging. If your phone doesn’t have the option of accepting a 230 volt supply, you will also need a power transformer to prevent overheating. It is because Israel typically uses type-H plugs which are unique to both Israel and the West Bank region.

Looking for renting a phone for Israel vacations? Just reach out to a copper-bottomed service provider that offers reliable rental service of Israel phones.

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