Israel Reopens for Tourism! Know Who Can Travel and Who Cannot

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In 2019, Israel experienced record-breaking growth in tourism as 4.5 million tourists visited and explored the Holy Land.   But due to the coronavirus pandemic, international tourism in Israel came to a halt. As the world is in the recovery phase, business people, students, and tourists from around the world, especially from the United States and Canada are wondering whether they can now travel to Israel or not.

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If you are interested in going on an Israel tour, you must know the following details to plan your itinerary efficiently and avoid any hassles.

Can Tourists Travel to Israel now (post-Covid)?

Yes. Israel has reopened for tourists from non-red countries, including the U.S. and Canada from September 19, 2021; however, tourists are allowed only if they are traveling in a group of 5-30 people. They must arrive and depart together and must be fully vaccinated.

What about tourist groups of fewer than 5 people? Individuals, solo travelers, and couples can join special group tour packages that will be available from October. For now, individual tourists are not permitted to travel to Israel, except for those who need to visit a first-degree relative or have other special permission.

Tourists who have recovered from Covid-19 but have not been vaccinated are not allowed to travel to Israel.

Do I Need to Take the COVID-19 Test to Travel to Israel?

Yes. Tourists fully inoculated with US- or EU-approved vaccines can enter Israel with:

  • A negative PCR Covid-19 test taken before the flight
  • A vaccination certificate that proves that the person is fully vaccinated
  • A serological test upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport and an additional negative PCR test

Is it mandatory to wear a face mask in Israel?

With the reduced number of Covid-19 cases, Israel has relaxed the rules and regulations for international tourists. Though it is not mandatory to wear face masks outdoors since June 2021, it is still mandatory to wear face masks inside.

Do I need to quarantine after entering Israel?

Yes, all travelers entering Israel are required to go under quarantine for 24 hours upon arrival in Israel or until a negative test result is received.

Travelers incur the costs of their Covid-19 tests and realted care out of their pockets. Thus, when determining the budget for your Israel tour, make sure you also include the cost of Covid-19 tests and associated care. We understand that, during an international trip, the budget can quickly go overboard. So, to help you keep the budget down, GroupSim offers highly affordable plans for Cellcom Israel SIM card and phone rentals and data plans.

Have a Safe and Delightful Journey!

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