How to Use Home SIM Card on Your Foreign Trip without Paying Roaming Charges?

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Besides booking your air tickets, hotels, and packing your bags, we must consider our communication options over the internet and calls while staying out of our home country. Getting an international travel SIM card or a local SIM card is an option for many people for convenient calling and data usage. But, when you expect calls and texts from many people during your foreign trip, it’s not easy to distribute your temporary travel number to everyone.

Here, you will need a SIM card rental that lets you use your home number along with your travel SIM card without any roaming charges. Let’s say, you are traveling to Israel and want to use your US number to receive calls and texts from your family members, friends, and colleagues, then you can easily get an Israel SIM card with a US number for your communication needs.

A local SIM card rental in a foreign country is the most convenient and affordable option for calls, texts, and data. You use the services of a local network provider that lets you choose between different voice and data plans as per your requirements. You can pick basic plans with unlimited data and voice calls or go for upgraded plans, especially for travelers who want flexibility on how they want to use their SIM cards.  It is where you can pick the option to use a SIM card rental with your home number with an upgraded plan.

How does it work?

It is as easy as getting any other SIM card with your favorite plans. While selecting your travel plans such as activation and returning date for your SIM card rental you have to include the option to use your home number in your rental plan. The service provider will charge you an extra fee to let you use your travel SIM card with your home number. After activating your rental plan, you will receive the following benefits:

  • In addition to your local number in the country you are staying in, you will also get a temporary home number.
  • You can easily forward your current home number to your temporary home number that allows callers from your country to reach you on your permanent number.
  • You don’t have to pay for any roaming charges on calls that you receive from your home country.
  • You can keep your SIM card rental if you have plans to visit again.

For example, if you are traveling to Israel from the USA, you can get an Israel SIM card rental with a US number to forward your current US number to receive calls and texts from anyone in your country. It is the most convenient option for the people who are on a work trip and don’t want to miss any call from their colleagues and business people.

At GroupSIM, you can get your Israel SIM card with a US number with an additional fee as low as $1 per day to use your current US number. It is a much cheaper option than using an International travel SIM card or paying roaming charges on your current number.

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