Get the Best Student Cellular Plans when Travelling to Seminary or Yeshiva in Israel

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Are you traveling to Seminary or Yeshiva University in Israel from the USA to focus on the study of traditional Jewish religious texts and history? Make sure that you are well prepared to stay in the country far away from your friends and family for a period of time. In addition to your student visa and other important certificates required for higher studies in a foreign country, you should also plan your communication needs to stay connected with your loved ones using texts, voice calls, and video chats without spending unnecessarily on roaming charges.

When you travel to Israel from the USA, the most difficult part is to decide on which data or voice plan will be best for you. Whether you want to keep your home SIM card active or a new number to stay connected with your family and friends during your stay in a foreign country? GroupSIM has answers to all your questions related to communication needs. You can get an Israel SIM card rental, mobile phone rental, or MiFi rental to meet your data and voice call needs at affordable prices.

For students, GroupSIM offers the best monthly student plans for overseas students from the USA and Canada to meet their basic requirements for data, calls, and text communication. You can buy monthly data plans or monthly kosher plans as per your specific requirements. The best thing about Israel SIM card rental with GroupSIM is that you can keep your local USA number active with upgrade plans. For frequent travelers, GroupSIM also allows you to keep their SIM card and number to avoid the inconvenience of getting a new SIM card rental every time.

GroupSIM offers some of the most exciting cell phone plans to students on Israel’s mosttrusted network. With monthly data plans, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 10GB/60GB/130GB of 4G Data
  • UNLIMITED Local Talk & Text
  • UNLIMITED Calling USA & Canada
  • UNLIMITED Texting USA &Canda
  • FREE SIM Card

You will be charged as low as $29.99/month for a 10GB data plan, $34.99/month for a 60GB data plan, and $49.99/month for a 130GB data plan.

If you want to stay away from the internet during your study, GroupSIM also has talk-only cellular plans with its monthly kosher plans for overseas students in Israel starting at $29.99/month. The unlimited kosher plan offers the following benefits:

  • Kosher Plan Approved by Vaad Harabanim
  • UNLIMITED Local Talk
  • UNLIMITED Calling USA & Canada
  • FREE USA Number
  • FREE SIM Card

You can easily sign up for any of the above plans just by providing your travel details. You will receive your SIM card in time for your travels that takes minutes to set up. With GroupSIM Israel Sim card rental plans, you get the super-fast data connection and uninterrupted voice calls at affordable rates that best meet your requirements. There will be no hidden charges or surprises when you’re using your Israel SIM card; everything is easy and convenient to meet all your communication needs in the country.

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