Can You Use Your Primary Phone on Your Vacation in Israel?

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Israel is the world’s only Jewish nation. It is renowned for its numerous beaches, museums, and religious sites. If you are planning your next family vacation in Israel, you should move ahead with your bookings to spend some beautiful days in a beautiful country. But, when traveling abroad, data and call connectivity are the biggest concerns for many people, and Israel has no exceptions.

Israel is, surprisingly expensive unlike the other Middle East Nations, and one way to keep your expenses in check is by using a local Israel SIM card and saving on big roaming charges. Paying for international roaming charges is usually not worthwhile when you can enjoy local call and data rates with a local SIM card.

Buying an Israel SIM Card

When you decide to get a local Israel SIM card to meet your data and calling needs, you have several options to do that. You can get a SIM card or a rental phone or a MIFI card are per your specific wants and needs to stay connected with your close ones while having fun abroad. Getting an Israel card is the best way to get benefits from local telecom service providers in the country without paying roaming charges.

The best part is that anyone residing in or traveling to Israel is free to purchase an Israeli SIM card from the mobile network providers in the country. However, SIM card registration requirements must be followed, as you do in your own country. You can buy your Israel SIM card directly from service providers, their partners, and mobile stores at your convenience. At GroupSIM, you can purchase your SIM card online as per your travel plan and get it delivered to you in time.

Can You Use Your Primary Phone in Israel?

For mobile communications, Israel makes use of GSM technology. In Israel, CDMA phones won’t function. If your phone has a SIM card slot, then it is GSM compatible. In addition, you must be familiar with the ITU regions in order to determine whether your phone will function in other countries. If your phone is compatible with European frequencies (ITU regions 1 & 3), then you can get a local SIM card in Israel from any mobile operator as the country primarily uses European frequencies.

If you purchased your phone in the Americas (North-, Central, and South America + the Caribbean), ITU Region 2, and don’t have compatibility for Tri-Band or Quad-Band, you can get your SIM card from Cellcom for using your primary phone using its 3G network on 850 MHz.

If you use a medium- or high-end device that supports Tri-Band or Quad-Band connectivity, you can use it in Israel without any problem, including on 4G/LTE and 5G NR. Also, confirm that your phone is unlocked. Without it, you’ll only be able to use a SIM card provided by your home operator. For more details on using an Israel SIM card on your vacation, get in touch with us to talk to our experts.

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