Buy Israel SIM Card with Best Plans when Traveling to the Country

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Israel is a beautiful country with rich cultural value to plan your vacation with your family and friends. Holidays are always great to take a break from your work and hectic lifestyle, but still, there are some important tasks that you can’t put on hold. This is where you should not ignore your priorities when it comes to getting equipped with proper connectivity options abroad when going on a vacation. It is true for Israel too, but the good news is that you can easily get an Israel SIM card and phone rentals as per your requirements.

If you are thinking that getting a SIM card for Israel would be a time-consuming and hectic task then you are wrong. Unlike the other countries where you need to submit your passport copies to rent a SIM card as a visitor, here in Israel you can easily get a SIM card without much documentation during your stay in the country. The best part is that your SIM card will be activated by your service provider as soon as you rent them. However, you will need an unlocked device to use your SIM card rentals in Israel.

When you rent a SIM card for Israel during your stay in the country, you can pick from a variety of calling and data options for your needs. If you are a heavy data user, then you can select a plan with unlimited data usage with high-speed connectivity in Israel.

What are your options?

Here at GroupSIM, you can select from a wide range of options as per your plans and requirements. Some of the most important mentions are:

Basic Plan: It is the best option for anyone who is looking for unlimited calling to the USA, Canada, and Israel at affordable rates. You will also get unlimited texting within Israel and unlimited 4G data connectivity wherever you go in Israel with the most reliable network provider in the country. To get your basic SIM card for a short duration, all you need to tell your activation and return date and rent it online.

Keep your Israel SIM card with an upgraded plan: GroupSim lets you keep your Israel SIM card if you are a frequent traveler to the country and don’t want to rent a new SIM card every time you visit here. You don’t need to return your SIM card and can activate it during your next visit just by visiting our website. You can also lend it to your family members or friends if they want to use it during their visit to Israel.

Get a USA number: You can also get a USA number with your Israel SIM card if you want to receive calls (not text and MMS) on your existing USA number. You can easily forward your existing USA number to your Israel SIM card with a USA number to receive calls from your friends, colleagues, and family members without any inconvenience.

These are some flexible options that you can pick when traveling to Israel on a vacation or work trip. Getting a SIM card for Israel is very easy, all you need to determine your requirements and usage and how you want to get your SIM card rental.

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