Best SIM Card for Trip to Israel: Buying Guide

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If your next trip is to the only Jewish country in the world, that is Israel, but you are worried about data and call connectivity using your primary SIM card, relax! We’ll assist you in finding the best SIM card to use in Israel at the cheapest data, voice, and test rates.

When you are in a beautiful country like Israel which is known for its museums, beaches, and many religious sites, getting everything pre-arranged can help you make the most of your time during your stay in the country. Without a proper data and voice plan on your mobile phone, it is hard to stay connected with the world when you are abroad. Also, if you are on a vacation and want to show the world how you are enjoying yourself, a high-speed data plan at hand lets you share photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites.

When it comes to getting a voice and data plan for an upcoming trip, you have two options – get a local SIM card in the country where you are visiting or purchase an international roaming plan with your existing home SIM card. However, getting a local SIM card to use in Israel is the best and cheapest option to stay connected with the world through texts, voice, and data usage.

7 Reasons to Get a Local SIM Card on Your Trip Abroad

  • The cheapest way to stay connected
  • Local SIM cards are often easy to get
  • A local phone number for convenience
  • No long-term contract
  • Fastest data speed
  • Uninterrupted phone calls and texts
  • You can keep your SIM card if you are a frequent traveler to a country

International roaming can be costly. In most cases, it is not worthwhile. Using a local Israel SIM card is one way to keep costs low when you are in the country. With local SIM cards from the best service providers in the country, you can enjoy local rates, the fastest speed, and a reliable connection. We will also want to mention here that mobile data rates are lowest in Israel when compared to other countries worldwide.

Buy an Israel SIM Card or Get a SIM Card Rental

Any person residing in or traveling to Israel can purchase an Israeli SIM card from almost every mobile network provider, including Cellcom Israel/Golan Telecom, Pelephone, Partner, & HOT Mobile, without any restriction. However, the rules for SIM card registration must be followed. Additionally, you require an unlocked phone that works with the frequencies used in Israel to use SIM from a local service provider.

You can buy the best SIM card to use in Israel directly from the service providers, and electronics stores in the country or purchase it online as per your convenience and travel plan. When traveling in Israel, you must pick a SIM card that meets your needs and offers reliable and secure coverage. Consider low costs, good coverage, data & voice plans, shipping costs (if you are buying a SIM card rental online), the convenience of a local phone number, and the availability of customer service in your language.

To eliminate unneeded uncertainties when planning a trip to Israel, we advise buying a local SIM card rental before leaving. Here at GroupSIM, you can order a local Israel SIM card online from the comfort of your home and only pay for the active days in the service plan. We will ship your Israel SIM card to the USA and Canada or you can directly collect it at our store when you arrive in the country.

How to get and activate your Local SIM card in Israel

To get your local Israel SIM card, all you need to do is select your travel dates to see the available mobile plans and options. Remember, rentals are billed for a minimum of 7 days.

With SIM Card rental plans, you can get unlimited high-speed data, a US number, and unlimited validity on your SIM card starting from $5 per day, depending on your specific requirements. You can also choose the option to keep the SIM with you after your rental period if you have any future plans to visit the country again. You will receive the following features with SIM card rental with GroupSIM:

Unlimited calling and texting to the US, Canada, and Israel

On Israel’s biggest and most dependable network, “Cellcom,” you will get the unlimited call and texting to any home or mobile number in Israel, the US, or Canada with your active plan while you are there.

Unlimited Data

Get the best 4G high-speed data experience throughout Israel. Get faster connectivity and streaming services with our unlimited data plans and upgrade. With our basic plan, you will receive 30GB of free data for your internet usage.

Keep the SIM Card

You can keep your Israel Sim card, line, and number if you choose to keep the SIM with your rental plan with an additional charge of $20. With our upgrade service, you won’t have to waste time looking for an Israel SIM card each time you visit the country; instead, you’ll always have the same number. Additionally, you can lend your SIM card to friends and family members going to Israel.

Use your US number

If you want to receive calls and messages from your US number, you can opt for our US number upgrade feature. This means that in addition to receiving an Israel phone number to use while visiting Israel, your loved ones can reach you using your own US number thanks to our US number upgrade.

Buying the best SIM card to use in Israel with unlimited calls, texting, and data usage before leaving your country is the ideal way to plan your internet and mobile usage abroad. At GroupSIM, we provide Israel SIM cards for both tourists and students at affordable rates. You can choose to buy a SIM card and keep it for your future travel or opt for SIM card rentals from GroupSIM as per your travel plans and requirements. Contact us to know more about Israel SIM cards and data plans for your next visit to the country.

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