Benefits of Getting Your Israel SIM Card from GroupSIM for Your Next trip to Israel

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Are you planning your next vacation with family in Israel or coming to this beautiful country on your next business or work trip? If you fall in any of the above segments, you should start your travel plans and preparations in advance to cover everything for a convenient and comfortable stay during your visit. Apart from making arrangements for your travel and hotel bookings, it is crucial that you take care of your communication and internet needs abroad.

Going abroad with a roaming plan on your existing number is not a very wise decision, especially financially. It is always good to get a local SIM card in the country you are traveling with a plan that best meets the duration of your travel and other requirements. This is the most feasible and affordable way to stay connected to your loved ones at home and share Instagram stories with your friends to let them know what you are doing abroad.

In this case, GroupSIM offers the best voice and data plans when you get an Israel SIM card with a US number from us, starting from just $5/day. You can use our SIM cards only with unlocked cell phones. The process of getting your local SIM card when traveling to Israel is very straightforward with GroupSIM. All you need to do is to select your travel dates and see all the available options.

You can choose a plan from a variety of options available for travelers to meet your specific wants and need when you pack your bags for a trip to Israel. For example, if your sole purpose is to share your photos and videos on social media sites and create memories, our unlimited 4G data plans are the best for you. Everywhere throughout Israel, you’ll get the best in 4G high-speed data for faster and easier internet access. If you are on a business or work trip, you can choose to have unlimited calling and texting with your Israel SIM card from GroupSIM.

The best part of getting your Israel SIM card rental from GroupSIM comes with its upgrade plans. Key details on what you could get with your upgrade plans that you will not get from any other service provider:

Get a USA number

With GroupSIM, you also have the opportunity to get a US number for forwarding your primary US number

if you want to be reached from your US number without any disruption on your work trip. This is the best feature any traveler from the USA can get if they are planning to get an Israel SIM card during their stay but still want to get calls on their existing US number. With an Israel SIM card with a US number from GroupSIM, you can forward your current US number to the US number we give you, allowing anyone to call you on that US number.

Keep your SIM card

GroupSIM offers its clients to keep their Israel SIM card and number for other travel plans to the country in near future. It means you won’t have to waste time looking for a SIM card rental each time you visit Israel; instead, you’ll always have the same number. You don’t need to return the SIM card or even you can lend it to your friends if they are traveling next to the country.

These are some benefits you get when you decide to get an Israel SIM card from GroupSIM for your next trip to the country. Visit our website or call us for more details.

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