A Brief Guide for First-Time Business Travelers in Israel

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Going on your business trip for the first time in Israel? If yes, then knowing the subtle cultural differences between Israel and the US will help prevent misunderstandings and frustrations.

Here, you will learn a few small things that seem trivial but are of paramount importance for first-time business travelers.

Opinions, Views, and Disagreements are Shared Clearly

In the US, people avoid disagreement and discord and are more likely to phrase their disagreement indirectly. Besides, business meetings are structured and roles and hierarchy are important.

On the other hand, in Israel, everybody likes to present their opinions without holding back. So, when you are talking about something or giving your opinions, you are expected to verbalize them directly.

Everybody is welcome to share their views and opinions. Sometimes, it is hard to tell who is in charge and who is a subordinate in Israeli business meetings. This indicates Israel cultivates an egalitarian society.

Saying “Yes” to food and snacks is much more polite than “No, Thank You”

When you will attend business meetings in Israel, you will be more likely offered coffee and snacks.  You don’t have to feel shy. Saying “Yes” to snacks is much more acceptable and polite than replying with “No, Thank You”.

While having snacks or food, you will notice a lot of people speaking simultaneously in varying volumes. While talking, they use a lot of hand gestures. If you have something to say, you may have to interrupt them to convey your message.

Business Meetings May Seem Chaotic but Can Be Quite Productive

It is common to hear cell phones ringing and buzzing with text messages during business meetings in Israel. Members in the meeting answer their phone calls in the middle of a meeting or walk in or out of the meeting room. Don’t get bothered by it.

However, as a business meeting visitor from the US or any other country, you should avoid doing the same. Though you might find business meetings in Israel to be chaotic, you will come out of them knowing that they are quite productive.

Getting around in Israel is Easier with traffic navigation apps

In Israel, the Waze app is most often used by those who rent or own a car. You can use it to navigate urban traffic, optimize your travel time, and find the nearest gas stations. Plus, it can also be used for coordinating trips or meetings with friends. On the other hand, when it comes to navigating public transportation, intercity transportation, and railway connections, Moovit is more popular among Israelis.

So, if you need to attend more than one business meeting in Israel, you can easily get around by using mobile apps and their features.

However, to be able to use such apps and stay connected, it is wiser to get an upgraded plan of Israel SIM card with US number to make unlimited calls, send unlimited text messages, and use 4G high-speed data everywhere in Israel. When you opt for a US Number Upgrade, you will not only get an Israeli number that you can use while traveling in Israel but can contact your family and friends in the US with your own US number. Perhaps, that’s why this upgrade is best for US business travelers in Israel.

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