6 Easy Tips to Ensure Hassle-free Israel Tour

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Going for a trip to the Holy Land –Israel is an exciting plan as the country has some of the worldwide popular attractions and a long history of religious significance. Despite its small size, millions of tourists visit Israel every year. If you are also thinking about heading to this Mediterranean country, check out a few tips to stay well-prepared for the trip.

Choose the Best Time to Visit

While tourists pay a visit during the whole year, there are times when a particular season may be an issue for you based on what kind of climate you are comfortable with. The climate in Israel changes smoothly from season to season as well as region to region. Winters are cool and rainy, and summers are hot, humid and dry. The remaining part of the year is usually mild with occasional rain.

Besides climate, you should also consider the time to visit politically. Though most of the time the country is safe, cases of instability and turmoil occur sometimes. Thus, it is best to keep an eye on the news to track the political environment in the country.

Find Out All Entry Requirements

Apply for a passport if you don’t have one or get it renewed if it is due to expire within six months of the date you are planning to go. While citizens of various countries don’t need a visa for up to 3 months for tourism purposes, you should still ensure whether there are visa requirements for you or not.

Arrange a New Israeli SIM Card or Phone

When you go to an Israel trip, you should also buy Israeli SIM card or mobile phones to ensure smooth communication. You should always remember that calling, texting, and surfing the net, all of it costs very high in a foreign country. Besides, when you use your personal number in another country, there are higher occurrences of call drop. While signals are good in various areas, they become weak or even disappear in some places.

So, getting a new SIM card or renting a phone for Israel trip will not only save your money but also avoid interruption in communication.

Decide Whether You Need a Tourist Guide

There are a huge number of places meant for tourists. Deciding which place you should go and how can be challenging for you, especially if you are first-time traveler in Israel. A tour guide can help decide your itinerary as to what you should prefer to visit. Most tour guides are fluent in Hebrew, English, and possibly other languages and take you from one place to another and help you get back as well.

Choose Your Accommodation

When your tour destination is Israel, you don’t need to worry as there is a huge array of lodging options to choose from. Whether you like to consider a 5-star luxury hotel, mid-chain hotel, or Bedouin-style tent camp in the Negev desert, you can have a truly authentic experience. You can even try haggling for the price offered.

Book the Flight Tickets

El Al is Israel’s national airline and has one of the safest and sophisticated fleets. But, you can also explore other options to find cheaper flight tickets. Remember that most of all commercial air traffic into Israel comes in and out of Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv. So, there are chances that you may have to drive a distance if your destination is elsewhere in the country.

In short, obtain the required documents (such as Passport and visa), buy Israeli SIM card for affordable communication, and book accommodation and flight tickets beforehand. Following all the above steps will make your travel in Israel hassle-free and enjoyable.

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