4 Communication-based Tips for Tourists Visiting Israel

 In Israeli SIM card

Even though Israel is a small country, there is no lack of beautiful places, diversity, and interesting cultural tales. Tourists and travelers walk on this Holy Land every year in millions of numbers to discover a unique experience, relics, wondrous history, tranquility, change of taste, amazing gastronomic options, and the list of reasons goes on. In short, there is so much to do, see, and enjoy.



No matter the reason of stepping on this middle-eastern country, one thing is common in every visitor. Every one of them wants to stay connected, share their experiences, post stories, and send emails, texts, and photos to their families, friends, and online audience (and even colleagues). Staying online and updated has become the norm in this digital and social media age. So, we have come up with a few tips that you will find very useful for your Israel trip.

Using Regular Phone can Drain Your Savings, so Buy Israeli SIM Card

When you are planning to visit Israel from a far-distant country like America and using your regular phone, you are going to be shocked by the phone bills. Before making any international trip, you must be familiar with international calls, SMS, and data usage rates. If you are really looking for an affordable trip, you would not want to spend all your savings on phone bills alone. For that, the most affordable option is to buy Israeli SIM card. Though the SIM card can also be bought while you are in Israel, the best way is to be prepared before you board the flight.

Choose Network That Provides Wide Coverage and High-Quality Service

In Israel, there are several different network providers like Orange and Pelephone, but if you want a reliable network, Cellcom should be the preferred choice. The most important thing you should know is that you will require an unlocked phone to use an Israeli SIM card. If it seems inconvenient to you, there is also another option: buy or rent an Israeli phone.

Calling Plans Are Not Enough. You May Need Data Plan as Well.

In case you are looking to share your photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform, you should also consider purchasing a temporary data plan for your trip. In big cities, such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, you can easily find free Wi-Fi spots at public places including coffee shops and restaurants. But you may face issues when you will be traveling in remote places like Golan Heights and the Dead Sea, or enjoying out in the lush green forests. Having a cost-effective data plan to support your social media activities can make your phone bill very reasonable.

Carry an Adapter (and Power Transformer) If You Choose to Bring Domestic Phone

If you are planning to bring your domestic phone on your Israel trip, carry an adapter for your charger. Moreover, if your phone doesn’t have the option of accepting a 230 Volt supply, you may also need to purchase a power transformer in order to prevent overheating caused by a high voltage source.

Israel uses type-H plugs and H-sockets that have three circular pinholes. Type-H plugs are unique to Israel and the West Bank region as well.

In the end, we just want to state that it’s very hard to abstain from social media platforms and disconnect from our loved ones. Since splurging on what you can do at a very low cost would be a foolish thing to do, it is best that you look towards options like Israel phone rental and Israel SIM card purchase. Going for such options will help you save on phone bills and splurge on other important things.

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