3 Tips to Save on Your Calls and data Usage When Visiting Israel

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Israel is a small country, but it packs a punch with its stunning locations, cultural variety, and captivating stories from the past. People from all over the world come here every year to explore the Holy Land and discover its rich history, serene atmosphere, mouth-watering food, and many other exciting experiences. Put simply, there’s an endless list of things to check out and enjoy in Israel.

When visiting this country in the Middle East, regardless of the purpose, one common desire among visitors is to maintain connectivity with others. They aim to share their experiences, post stories, and communicate through emails, texts, and photos with their loved ones, online followers, and even coworkers. In today’s era of digital and social media, staying online and up-to-date is considered the norm. Therefore, we have compiled some helpful tips for your trip to Israel.

If you’re going to Israel, you’ll need to find a way to connect to local cellular networks so you can use your phone for talking, messaging, and accessing mobile data, unless you intend to rely only on open WiFi hotspots. Yet, there are methods to stay in touch with your loved ones back home, and we have some tips to help you save on your calls and data usage.

Get an Israel SIM card on rent

Many visitors opt to utilize an Israeli SIM card that allows them to connect to local cellular networks. If you intend to stay in Israel for an extended amount of time, you might consider purchasing one of these SIM cards or getting an Israel SIM card on rent, assuming your phone is unlocked. You might also hire a pre-loaded SIM phone and return it at the end of your stay.

If your goal is to have a budget-friendly trip, it wouldn’t make sense to spend a significant portion of your savings on phone expenses. To avoid this, the most economical option is to acquire an Israeli SIM card. While it is possible to purchase the SIM card upon arrival in Israel, it is advisable to plan ahead and obtain it before departing on your flight.

Pick unlimited plans

It is best to pick unlimited calling, text, and data plans with your Israel SIM card rental plan to meet all your communication needs, regardless of how you want to connect with the world. It will ensure that you won’t need to think about your data usage from time to time and look for roaming and recharge plans while travelling to different parts of this beautiful country.   Unlimited plans are best to save on a long trip without worrying about hectic roaming charges.

Choose a network that offers extensive coverage and high-quality service

There are multiple network providers in Israel. However, if you prioritize reliability, it’s recommended to choose Cellcom. It’s crucial to note that using an Israeli SIM card requires an unlocked phone. Alternatively, you can purchase or rent an Israeli phone if unlocking your current phone is inconvenient for you.

These are a few tips to help you make an affordable trip, at least on your communication needs. If you are looking for the best data and voice plans with your Israel SIM card on rent for your next trip to the country, contact us at GroupSIM for some exciting offers and services.

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