Top Internet Access Options for Your Israel Trip

 In Israel sim card for tourists

Most probably, you already know that when traveling across borders, internet bills can dramatically increase too quickly. Well, it happens when you are not aware of how you should be using the Internet while you are wandering in a foreign country. When your mobile phone is in roaming on data networks and you use internet data carelessly, your bills can go high enough to drain all your savings. The good news is that when you are going to Israel, you have various options for internet access.

Top Options for Affordable Internet Access in Israel for US and Canadian Travelers

Your Telecom Service Provider

The first thing you can do is to contact your telecom service company to know if they offer internet roaming packages for Israel. Such packages are commonly known as international plans for data. In case you don’t want to use your provider’s mobile data plan when going abroad, make sure that you disable data roaming before leaving. Otherwise, you might have to pay hefty charges once you arrive in Israel.

Rent/Buy an Israel SIM Card

Another easy way to keep the cost of internet data consumption down is to rent or buy an Israel SIM card. While you can do it after arriving in Israel, it is better to get an active Israel SIM card. Reputable Israel SIM providers in the US and Canada provide 4G high-speed data without additional charges. If you don’t need Internet data of more than 30 GB, it is a good choice. In case you have higher needs for high-speed data, you can ask the provider to upgrade the internet package.

Use Free Wifi for Internet Access

If you are certain that you won’t need to be online for a significant time and you don’t have to report or send any urgent emails, you can simply take advantage of free Wifi. In Israel, you can easily get a Wifi connection in restaurants, bars, museums, and other public places. In our opinion, this is a good option only when you have some friends there who can be available for you in the event of an emergency and you literally don’t need Internet access during the trip. Otherwise, it is best to be self-equipped with internet data so that you can use it anytime you need or want.

Rent Mobile Hotspot

A Mobile Hotspot, also called MiFi, is a small internet device that is designed to connect to a cellular network for data and help create a local WiFi hotspot. If you rent a mobile hotspot for an Israel trip, you can easily get all your devices online anywhere. Meaning, you can get access to the Internet anywhere in Israel with any device or multiple devices at the same time.

Another benefit of using a mobile hotspot is that you will get a secure connection which means you need not to worry about credit card or bank accounts being hacked. Thus, if data and ease of Internet access are your top priorities, it is best to seek the service of MiFi rental in Israel. If your trip to Israel is frequent, you can even buy it to minimize the overall cost.

While all these options are good, as a traveler you need to find one that is best for you depending on your data needs and your urge to use social media or go online often. Having no access to Internet data abroad would be a mistake. Your provider’s international plan might sound like a fair deal but when it comes to using a lot of Internet data and having seamless connectivity in Israel, it is best to either rent an Israel SIM card or rent a mobile hotspot for your Israel trip.

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