The Best and Not-So-Best Options to Get a SIM Card for Israel Trip

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Israel is not a cheap country for tourists; however, when it comes to the expenses of the Internet and calls, you will find them quite affordable only if you know what to do. If you go online, you will find many ways to get an Israel SIM card. However, what you should know is that it is not about the number of options you have, it’s about how things can go as smoothly as possible. So, to make your Israel trip hassle-free in terms of staying connected with your friends and family, we are sharing this guide on the best options of Israel SIMs for tourists.

Let’s start with what to avoid when getting a SIM for Israel.

The Not-So Best Options to Get an Israel SIM for Tourists

Buying a SIM Locally:

Those who are thinking about getting a local SIM after arriving in Israel should know that it is not the easiest and most convenient option. While SIMs can be bought even in retail stores in Israel, it is not easy for tourists to buy a SIM card there. In a country where the everyday language of people is not English but Hebrew, you might have a hard time talking to locals and finding out what data and call plans are best for you and what company you should choose. Some shops even say that they don’t offer SIMs to tourists.

Buying a SIM at Airport:

Another thing you should avoid is buying a SIM for Israel at Ben Gurion or any airport in Israel. It’s because SIM cards are highly overpriced at the airport. When you have a limited budget, even little savings matter a lot. Besides, when there are cheaper and better ways to get a SIM card for Israel, there is no point in spending a higher amount on it.

The Best Options to Get an Israel SIM for Tourists

Rent a SIM Card for Israel Online:

When you are planning for a short Israel trip and you don’t visit Israel frequently, the best option for you is to opt for SIM card rental for Israel online. At GroupSIM, you can easily request a rental SIM card for Israel online in the United States and Canada.

Even with Basic Plan, you can enjoy the freedom of making unlimited calls to any Israel, US, or Canada phone number, sending and receiving texts, and using 4G high-speed data up to 30 GB everywhere in Israel.

In case you think you need more, you can upgrade your plan as well. The only thing you need to make it work is to get an unlocked phone. You can unlock your phone easily by talking to your phone service provider. The Israel SIM card rental option is also great for students who attend special events and seminars in Israel.

Buy a SIM Card for Israel Online:

When you are planning to stay in Israel for a long time, then renting a SIM card may not make that much sense. However, when you are not sure, an Israel SIM rental can help you determine the service of a network and customer support of the service provider.

Once you feel satisfied with the particular network and services of the provider, you can upgrade the plan and choose to keep the SIM with you forever. In case you are confident about your network choice, you can also directly buy a SIM card for Israel online at GroupSIM.

Apart from this, you also have other options such as renting/buying a basic or iPhone mobile phone for Israel or getting a MiFi.

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