Going Israel to Attend a Wedding? Know What to Expect and How to Prepare!

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Have you been invited by a client or friend to attend a wedding in Israel? If you are from the US or Canada, you might want to get an idea in advance about what an Israeli wedding looks like, what happens there, how to dress, what to gift, and a lot more. So, today, we are going to help you have a quick peek into a typical Israeli wedding so that you can be better prepared and don’t feel like a complete outsider. Don’t forget to check the bonus tip at the end as it will make your journey more convenient and happier.

Dress in Style, But Not Necessarily in a Formal Way

Unlike weddings in the USA or Canada, Israeli weddings are quite informal. This means you don’t have to wear a tuxedo or suit when attending a wedding in Israel. While men can go there in a pair of nice jeans and a button-down shirt, women can wear a one-piece bodycon or anything that makes them feel good and attractive.

Cash and Checks are More Acceptable as Wedding Gifts

You might have been accustomed to bring a gift from the registry in American weddings. But, in Israel, this custom doesn’t bode well. Instead, guests bring cash or a check as a wedding gift. So, choose the option you like, put it in a beautiful envelope, write your name on it, and submit that at the reception table. No worries at all about choosing a perfect gift that takes a lot of time and effort!

Treat Your Taste Buds Before the Chupah

The best time to eat and drink and to mingle with friends, acquaintances, and the couple’s families is the time before the chupah. The best food is served during this time, and you can have your pregaming alcohol at the open bar. The groom’s Tisch and the bride’s Badeken won’t take place before the chupah in a traditional Israeli wedding.

Witness the Chupah – the Most Emotional Moment

In any Jewish wedding, the chupah is the most emotional time, which means most guests would love to witness it. So, don’t be surprised if you feel some elbows at the time rings are exchanged. As soon as the glass breaks, it’s the cue that guests can now congratulate the couple in person. Single folks eagerly wait for this time to get a blessing from the newlyweds for, of course, getting married.

DJs are More Common than Live Bands

You will rarely find a live band for music and entertainment as DJs are the more preferred choice among Jewish people. However, some couples do invite famous Israeli artists to perform. Another way of entertainment is a fun documentary video prepared by the couple’s friends that will help you get a humorous glance into their life and relationship.

Partying is Way More Serious at Weddings

Usually, Israelis are known to take their work seriously, but partying is taken more seriously, especially if it is a wedding party. You will find bartenders at dance floors giving out shots of vodka or other preferred drinks. Another thing that you will different is t-shirts, glow sticks, flip-flops, flowered leis, and other accessories are offered on the dance floor to make the celebration more fun and memorable.

Bonus Tip:

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